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As someone that got married fairly recently I am all too aware of the frustration of getting the best photography without going way over your budget which is why I include our platinum package of wedding photography under £2000. Offering wedding photography packages that are fully inclusive of everything you need with honest pricing, affordable, and accessible.

As a wedding photographer with the privilege of capturing some of the best days of my client’s lives, I am often conscious that I aim to blend the natural with the magical:
Allowing you to get lost in the moment while I quietly catch those glimpses of joy.

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Wedding Photography Under 2000 Pounds Spence Frederick Wedding Photographer London

Platinum wedding photography under 2000 includes 2 photographer coverage of the whole day, USB & photo album.

See more of our portrait photography packaging and pricing here.

Budgets are a pivotal element of any wedding, and it’s essential to feel comfortable that the services you choose are right for your own special wedding day.

I believe that quality, timeless photography isn’t a part of your unique celebration of love that should come with concerns about stretching costs when you have so many more important things on your mind.

Whether you have a list of select images, family members and backdrops you wish to treasure forever, or aspire to take that One Special Moment with you in your memories, I’m here to make it happen – with fixed price packages to ensure you know precisely what you’re paying for.

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Wedding Photography Packages With a £2,000 Budget

Many of us approach wedding planning with a sense of apprehension – but I endeavour to put my valued clients at ease, in front and behind the camera.

If you have a £2000 wedding photography budget, you have a wealth of opportunities to cement every aspect of your day in elegant, natural and carefully selected images.

My Package Two offer, priced at a highly competitive rate just a whisper over £2,000, is an inclusive service.

Your photography is tailored to your aesthetic, with around-the-clock, dedicated captures from accomplished artists who will move heaven and earth to produce images that surpass your wildest expectations.

If you’ve searched wedding photography directories looking for London wedding photography under £2000 and the results don’t  fit your style feel free to view our portfolio and showcases.

This premium package includes a team of three talented photographers and assistants, working from your first-light preparations through to the last echoes of dawn as celebrations wind to a gentle close.

We appreciate that every second of your wedding day means more than words can say and will be there, every minute, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

My £2,000 wedding photography package isn’t limited to the day itself. It further envelops the preparations and most human emotions as you announce your plans and enjoy the outpouring of love from your families.

Wedding photography coverage with two accomplished photographers for ten full hours.
An additional assistant for the duration, ensuring we never miss a moment, a smile, or a glimpse that commands a capture.
Fully edited images, prepared with our advanced suite of editing tools to illuminate every shot to its full potential – each wedding client receives around 1,000+ images to pick and choose from.
Engagement sessions to record those ‘I Do’ moments that mean so much.
High-resolution images, delivered via USB to give you full control over printing copies of your beautiful wedding imagery without limitation.
A private online gallery for you to download and relive every second of your perfect day, frame by frame.
Online shop facilities for loved ones, families and friends to select their favourite images and order prints, photo books and portraits.

It is my pleasure to include a 10″ photo book showcasing 100 of the most exceptional images I feel resonate with your personalities, wedding style, and personal aesthetic.

Get in touch to arrange a good time to talk about your wedding photography requirements.

Find Wedding Photography Packages Under £2000

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to put yourself into financial hardship with an extreme wedding photography budget.

As an expert photographer with a passion for natural storytelling and the alchemy of the truly perfect image, I will work with you to understand exactly what you dream of when you imagine your wedding day, secured forever in your private album.

Whether your selected venue has a backdrop that calls to you, or you wish to remember a specific moment that has been months in the making, my Package One offer provides a comprehensive service, creating informal, atmospheric images that no camera phone can apprehend.
UK Wedding Photography Under £1,800

One of my most popular photography services, Package One is about giving you the time to enjoy every second without posing for countless images or feeling that you haven’t relaxed with your guests to treasure these most special moments.

I love to get to know my clients, appreciate your character, and let that personality shine through the subtlest smiles, the secret whispers and the graceful happiness of a wedding day.

Everything is included, so you don’t need to spend a single second thinking about anything but your vows:

Ten hours of dedicated, seamless photography without interruption from a highly accomplished wedding photographer and my talented assistant.
Coverage of each wonderful element of your day, from the first nerves of preparation to the vibrancy of a wedding reception dance.
Full access to 800+ precision edited images, augmenting the emotions, scents and sights of this moment in your lives.
A high-resolution bespoke USB package, allowing you to print as many of your unique captures as you wish – without ever an additional charge.
Creation of a private online gallery for you to share with your loved ones and guests who couldn’t attend with a range of quality prints, photo books and portraits available.

As with all of my premium wedding photography services, I treasure the opportunity to collate 50 of the most incredible prints in your very own, personally designed, 10″ photo book as a memento with my thanks.

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Bespoke Wedding Photography Under £1,500

Your wedding day, above all else, should be unforgettable – and the intricacy and intimacy of professional, candid and personal photography will forever capture each moment to help you relive your memories and each hour of this momentous occasion.

I believe that quality should never be sacrificed in any aspect of your wedding while appreciating that thousands of happy couples have a finite amount to invest in one day – even one that will be with you forever!

My Bespoke Package is designed to capture all of these vital moments. I begin from the suspense of bridal preparations to the solemnity of your ceremony, through to your beautiful wedding breakfast, and, of course, the first dance.

Once my captures are complete, I quietly slip away to allow you the peace to indulge in an evening of wonderful celebration with the people you love the most – knowing that every second of your day is being expertly edited and recorded as you dance.

Your wedding theme, style and budget are all personal choices, so I make it my mission to offer tailored packages to ensure you get the absolute best imagery at a viable cost.
Exceptional UK Wedding Photography Under £1,500

Astonishing photography is an art form incorporating multiple elements of light, shade, drama, depth, emotion and vibe – and more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

I don’t believe in shadowing the bride or intruding on those personal moments but in capturing the indefinable points that can never be staged – from first reactions to laughter at a raucous speech and tiny tears of happiness that a talented eye can spot.

The Bespoke Package is just that – customised to you as a couple and a family, incorporating every essential moment that makes up the fabric of a wedding:

Nine hours of personal photography, with my commitment to producing a bank of imagery that showcases the asthenosphere of each hour, true to you.
Discreet, quiet coverage of all those poignant seconds, from the anticipation of your preparations, through to the stunning shapes of your first dance as a married couple.
Professional photo editing, with the best tools available, to provide you with 800+ images, personally edited in my studio to bring out the essence of your celebrations.
A full package of your private images, provided on a secure USB for you to print and relive each moment with complete copyright ownership.
A user-friendly, online private gallery for you to share your incredible images with friends and family across the world.
My dedicated online shop is available only to your approved guests, for family members and loved ones to choose their own keepsakes of the day they were a part of – from prints to photo books and portraits.

If you have a specific style in mind or a must-have image that will mean something special, you can let me know, and I will ensure that all your essential captures are included; say no more.

Visit my Online Gallery for inspiration for your wedding day photography.

Quality London Wedding Photography Under £1,100

Documenting weddings is something that I love, from peaceful, small weddings in remote locations to spectacular celebrations at destination venues.

No two weddings are the same – and your photography should be as individual and different from any other wedding photography album as your personality.

My drive is to tell a story of beauty, stealing moments in time that create a visual tale of two people and the first steps towards their happily ever after.

While I specialise in London wedding photography, I work with couples around the UK and indeed the world, blending style, art and creativity at genuinely affordable prices.

Wedding days can be lavish or rustic, loud, exuberant days or a gentle, exquisite celebration that invites those closest to you to come together.

My Coverage package is a perfect photography service for any size or scale of gathering, developed to ensure every couple has the opportunity to hire an outstanding wedding photographer to guarantee they have exquisite images of their day.

Beautiful Wedding Photography Packages Under £1,100

The Coverage photography option captures all of the key moments in a charming wedding day, producing an album of elegantly edited images for you and your family to treasure for the years to come.

I love to combine a range of photography styles, including the conventional posed shots on your must-have list. My subtle approach ensures even those photo-shy wedding party members have an image they adore, capturing how much it means to be able to honour a couple they love in such an important way.

With eight full hours of on-site photography, you have the assurance that each elegant part of your ceremony, individual portraits and those important moments are captured.

The service naturally incorporates the memories you’ll want to etch onto record forever, such as the walk down the aisle and exchanging your unique vows:

Eight full hours of talented wedding photography, provided personally by myself, capturing those early preparations through to the romance of your first dance.
A private viewing gallery with secure online access to allow you to share your treasured images with your nearest and dearest.
A bespoke online shop enabling friends and family to select special captures made into timeless portraits, prints or photo books.

A £1,099, my Coverage wedding package is among the most competitive wedding photography services you will find, with no loss in quality, full-day attendance or skill in delivering sublime images that transcend an everyday photograph.

Please browse my site at Spence Frederick Photography for further information.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer With a Budget Under £2,000

I first established my wedding photography studio 15 years ago and have been honoured to work with thousands of incredible couples looking to immortalise their most magical of days through natural, engaging photographs that tell a story of love.

My style goes beyond traditional wedding photography but creates images that speak to your character and recreate the depth of feeling behind the exchanges of vows.

As weddings become commercialised and budgets grow, I wish to offer something different and a range of prices and packages to adapt to your needs, without encouraging any couple to stretch their finances or feel pushed to sacrifice any aspect of their wedding.

If your wedding photographs are images that you are proud to own and capture the natural essence of who you are with perfect light, depth and shadow – my job is done.

Each package explored here is intended to offer a range of costs adherent to average wedding day photography budgets – but there is no price on quality and care.

Should you have any specific requirements, wish to capture your day in a certain style, or need a talented photographer to capture a wedding day at a special destination, please get in touch to discuss a customised package perfectly aligned with your expectations.