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How much do wedding photographers cost in london Spence Frederick Wedding Photographer London

How much do wedding photographers cost in london?

How Much Do Wedding Photographers Cost In London?

London Wedding photographers may not be as much as you think. Here we go into how we price our London wedding photography packages and answer the age old question “how much do wedding photographers cost in london?”.

What should you pay for a London wedding photographer and how to get the right deal?

First of all… why choose a London wedding photographer? Take a look at these simple Google searches of London wedding venues and you’ll see that having a wedding in London can be the perfect backdrop!
If you’re at the planning stage for your wedding then you’ll know only too well how it goes… find photographer, email photographer as no prices on website, price comes back more than your budget allows or price is under budget and so alarm bells ring! Whether you’re looking for a local London photographer or a destination wedding photographer in London, having someone on your big day capturing beautiful, natural photography is key. They don’t need to be award winning wedding photographers to give you the photography you want but instead it’s more important to have attention to details and a clear idea of how to create photos that capture the day honestly.
There are many benefits in using a London wedding photographer but it goes without saying it’s not only London wedding photographers that can shoot weddings. If however your wedding is in London it’s worth using a local photographer given they’ll very likely have shot at your venue before. Why is this important? Because having an insider knowledge of a venue is invaluable for you as a couple.
Time is the one commodity at a wedding that is in very short supply. Yes it’s a long day however when the day has started things happen very quickly and in order to get all of the photography you want, to get the best out of your venue it is incredibly beneficial to have a good knowledge of what to use, where the best vantage points are and how to have a good plan B location should the weather not play ball.
Come the reception, when most of our styled and group photography is shot we want our couples to be able to spend time with their families and friends. That is after all what a wedding is right? It’s time to spend catching up with loved ones. But we want to be able to get the best photography quickly and simply so our couples have amazing photographs without spending too much time posing.
Because we’re in London we shoot at hundred of London wedding venues throughout the year be it for weddings or commercial events so this background prior knowledge comes in very useful!

But How Much Do London Wedding Photographers Cost?

As a guide you’ll find London wedding photographers cost typically little more than Home Counties wedding photographers. This is largely because of the competition. The sheer number of photographers mean there are many people competing for work. This typically pushes pricing down though it does very much depend on the style. It also depends on the business model of the wedding photographer and the number of weddings they shoot each year.

Take a look at our London Wedding Photographer prices here to see how much a London wedding photographer charges.