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Lucie + Lorenzo
Lucie & Lorenzo's beautiful Sicilian wedding

Whilst on honeymoon my wife and I got chatting with a couple who were looking for a destination wedding photographer in London.
Lucie & Lorenzo had their wedding at their stunning hotel in Malfa, a bautiful part of the northern tip of the Aeolian Island Salina in Sicily.
We’d met them for their pre meeting… in Sicily… a bit extravagant but was a good opportinuty to prepare our shots for the big day… not to mention have some beauty Sicilian food and wine.. 😉
The couple had decided to have their wedding in October once the season had finished which meant there was a chance of Autumnal drizzle weather.
They needn’t have worried, the day was stunning!
The sun came out in the morning and stayed out all day the lucky things!
Now Italy is a place my wife and I have visited a lot over the past 5 years. I love it and am always excited when we have a destination wedding in Italy.


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Quite often our UK customers are looking for a london wedding photographer shooting in Italy as it makes looking at albums and having meetings a lot simpler as well as more reassuring having met and gotten to know their photographer before the fly out for the big day.
We arrived two days before the wedding in order to plan shots and locations as well as run through the final preparations with Lucie & Lorenzo.
The morning of the wedding was full of excitement with friends, family and staff busily getting the ceremony area finished.
It’s always exciting when we arrive at the wedding venue and chat with the florists, event planners and meet the famiy, even after 400 weddings!
The wedding was quite an international event with friends coming from all over the world.. some of whom I’d met on the ferry on the way out so had already got a great idea of how beautiful the day was going to be.
Weddings in Italy are always a big affair with food of course being the main event.. (after the nuptials of course!) and this was no different… the many courses and mix of French and Italian cuisine was amazing.