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What style of photography do you shoot?

We shoot a mix of documentary reportage and editorial portraiture.

The documentary reportage is a natural coverage that tells the story of the day naturally. We shoot a mix of colour and black & white but our approach is unobtrusive as we want to catch the beautiful moments and emotions that make a wedding unique.

The editorial portraiture is relaxed informal portraiture, styled slightly but always naturally shot.

How do we secure you for our day?

We request a booking deposit of £350 to secure a date. In addition we ask you to complete our booking form which has information about the venues and times of the day.

When are our photographs ready after the wedding?

Your wedding gallery and USB are ready approximately 3 weeks after the wedding.

What happens if our wedding date changes?

If we are available for the new date we simply transfer the deposit to the new date. The deposit is non refundable however If Spencer is unavailable we can cover the wedding with a studio photographer who is briefed to shoot in Spencer’s style. All production and meetings are still carried out by us.

When is our balance due?

The balance becomes due 31 days before the wedding.

Do you include an engagement portrait session in your packages?

While not listed within the package details we are happy to include an engagement portrait session in packages two and three. Engagement sessions are held at Brockwell Park South London on the first Wednesday every month between 10.30am and 16.00pm. We are unable to hold engagement sessions at the venue as this can take anything up to a day out of our time during what is typically our busy season.

Can we book a paid for engagement session?

Yes engagement sessions can be booked and are priced at £250 and include a 2 hr session in London and high resolution images supplied within your own private gallery.

Is there a deposit to book you?

Yes, £350 secures the date and makes it unavailable to any other parties?

Do you have insurance?

Yes we have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Do you charge travel?

For weddings within 30 miles of central London there is no travel charge. For weddings beyond this zone we charge travel at cost. A wedding in Birmingham would typically be rated at £45 for travel.

When will our photographs be ready?

Photographs are ready between 3 and 4 weeks after the wedding.

Do your packages include a CD or USB?

Yes, all package include high resolution images supplied both on a high resolution gallery and a USB.

Are there copyright restrictions on the photographs you give us?

No, your photographs are yours to use as you wish.

Do you do video?

No sorry, we only specialise in stills.

How far do you travel?

We cover throughout the UK and Europe.

Do you cover weddings in Europe?

Yes we are destination wedding photographers and cover throughout Europe.

Do your packages include albums?

Yes most packages include either a book or album. We want to give our customers their photography in print as well as digitil files.

Do you include a pre wedding consultation?

Yes, either one or two consultations, depending on package.

Do you include an engagement portrait session?

We do not include a pre wedding portrait session as standard. This is because this style of photography is completely different to how we shoot on the day and does not give a true representation of how we’ll work on the day. That said we understand couples get reassurance form having an engagement session to see how the photographer works, therefore we do include a session if required. This is held on the first Wednesday of every month between 10.00 and 17.00 at Brockwell Park in South London. This is combined with the meeting and the whole session lasts 2 hours. The session includes a private online gallery and the images can be purchased from the gallery.

What other services do you offer?

We offer Photo Booth. This service comes with or without photographs during the evening. We offer thank you cards after the wedding, engagement sessions and trash the dress sessions.

Where do we meet for enquiry & consultation appointments?

As we are London based many of our clients live within London or come in from outer London for appointments. With this in mind we meet customers at the Royal Festival Hall for convenience. It is extremely easy to get to and a great area for meetings.

When is the balance due?

The balance is due on or before 31 days before the wedding.

Do you prices include VAT?

We do not charge VAT on wedding packages.

Does your service include image editing?

Yes, the period after the wedding is spent selecting and editing photographs. We perform colour grading and cropping and local area adjustments to each selected image.

Does your service include photo retouching?

Not usually. We love honesty in photography and so do not retouch photographs. For occasional skin blemishes / acne / exit signs and fire extinguishers we will endeavour to remove them in post production however for extensive image manipulation we charge an hourly rate – negotiable depending on work required.

Can we give you a list of photographs we would like?

Yes, we request your specific shot list in your wedding consultation.

Who works with you on the day?

I work with one, two and sometimes three assistants who work discreetly to make the photography run smoothly. If the package includes it there is usually a second photographer.

Do we provide you with food on the day?

Yes please. We are unable to leave site for food owing to having to be constantly available to shoot. Therefore we request food of some kind – does not have to be elaborate or extensive however we ask that we eat the same time as the couple so that we are ready when they are after the breakfast.

When do you stay until?

Coverage time depends on package however 7.30pm is our earliest finish time. Usually 8.30 pm although we do cover up to midnight if required. Additional coverage is charged at £75 per hour for one photographer or £125 for two.

How many weddings have you covered?

To date we have covered 330 weddings since 2004.

What happens if you are ill on the day?

I have a network of wedding photographers that have worked with me or for me. In the worst case scenario we ask one to stand in as they have a good understanding of how I shoot. This has happened once in 11 years / 330 weddings so the chances of this happening are very very low however we ensure that there is not just replacement cover but cover in a very similar style to that booked.

How much do you charge for travel?

Travel is charged at cost of fuel.

How long is our gallery live for?

Your gallery is live for 18 months minimum although we have weddings that have been live for 3 years and we do not remove them until asked to do so typically.